Sabado, Marso 2, 2013

We've Only Just Begun


We originally intended to make this blog about sneakers. Why? Because we are both sneaker fans. Problem was, we couldn't possibly start a convincing site about sneakers if we each owned fewer than five pairs and do not have the resources to focus solely on soles, get the drift? It's not as if we spend the days hitting the shops to buy shoes, or the streets to photograph them.

So we decided to make this blog about anything and everything we could think about. It's under construction as of the moment. and we haven't sat down to talk about it at length just yet. Off the top of our heads. we might add events, stories, shoes, gadgets, cars, and hey, maybe even people. Right now we're just excited to get the ball rolling. Like some of you who might honor us with your virtual presence here, we're working, guys. So we can only work on our blog on our free time.

In the future, we will be featuring stuff we hope you'll like, and about which you'll hit us back with your comments.

Thanks for visiting. Please drop by once in a while for updates. Peace mofo.

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