Linggo, Hulyo 28, 2013

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 6

After long moments of envisioning this shoe on my feet, I finally bought myself a new pair of Nike SB PRod 6. And after unboxing and wearing it for the first time, my feelings about having a heavy and bulky skate shoe weren't true. This shoe is indeed compact and lightweight.

We all know Paul Rodriguez. We've witnessed how his shoe evolved to support those long gaps and high drops. His passion, hunger, enthusiasm, and love for skateboarding truly shows that he should be in the team of an amazing company, Nike. 

It only feels like yesterday that Paul Rodriguez made a sponsor change for the history books in 2004 – from the then well-established and successful ├ęS to the relatively young Nike SB division. The move was eyed suspiciously by many, with more than a few  screaming “sell out”. Times change, and oh, how they changed.

Forget about the classic style of skate shoes. The latest line of Nike SBs are all about durability, weight, and total comfort.

One piece toe cap, thinly-padded tongue, and the all new Lunarlon technology, I must say that the PRod 6 is one example that Nike is taking their skate shoe manufacturing to a completely new level. 

Move and get yours now. Available at WeLegendary stores and Urban Athletics. 

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  1. The Nike SB has a zoom air insole unlike the regular dunks. Nike SB Dunks are extremely rare, and are only available in selected skateboard shops and each authorized store gets only one set of each style. Seems to be a very well protected treasure, so only very few selected people get to own these pair of beauties. Search Here Nike SB